Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enjoy yourself

Come in my friend, and dine with folk

who live in mansions beyond the tower,

though you are not one of the elite

enjoy yourself as the man of the hour.

The candles glow like fine new wine

caressed and held in Waterford crystal,

you must come in and enjoy yourself

before the evening meal grows dismal.

Old Herbert baked a fancy cake

filled with chocolate so I'm told,

Kennealy roasted his favorite cow;

enjoy before the feast grows cold.

Twelve people sit round the elegant table

and not one raised his fork til now,

but they will eat dessert cake first

for Kennealy, burnt the cow.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Come out of the cave

Come out into the light and bask
in sunlight on a warm summer day,
for it's dark where you live and shadowy
and I want you to come out and play.

You may think someone blocked the light,
but it's locked right behind your own eyes
for the secret that kept you inside your cave,
is wrapped tightly in a bundle of lies.

Indeed, you are not defined by the cave
or defined by the shadows that scheme,
for you have a soul made of spirit
and a heart that wants to be clean.

So, come out of the cave and be seen.

Princess Power

She ruled over everyone around her,
she commanded all those in sight,
a narcissist ruled her own little world,
and demands preceded her day and night.

How unfortunate she became a mother,
for she had no concern; none that could last,
and they grew more distant as her son grew
for she couldn't control him as in the past.

He dared to stand up and that wouldn't do
for she was a princess and he was a peasant
created to perform all her verbal commands,
she'd show him, and it wouldn't be pleasant.

What could she do to make his life miserable
she pondered alone in her room that day,
to bend and shape him to her selfish will?
Oh, but she would find a way to make him pay.

Her goal was to bring him home on his knees
so she took his money, and his Christmas gift
and she would not, could not call it stealing,
but it gouged a new wound and widened the rift.

He was wounded by her wicked schemes
as she turned her back on him that crucial hour,
but he knew her better than anyone else
and he determined to escape her power.



I wonder what I would do
if I had a son all set to fly,
I'd help him with what he needed
to help him reach the sky.

I would not bend him to my will,
or steal the things that belonged to him,
for that would be egregious
and more, it would be a blatant sin.

But if I was only a grandmother
about to see a young man graduate
I would do everything I know to do
to give him reason to celebrate.

That's what love is.