Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meeting Daylight in the dawn

I can show you my failures, I can,
for they reach to the heavens,
but I cannot show you my triumphs
for they have long since melted
like the snow on top of a mountain
when summer comes to warm
the creatures who run and play
along a cool mountain stream.

How I wish I could drink there
and find refreshment for my soul,
for I burn at the center of my core
for a day by a cool mountain stream.
Yet, even though I'm not a winner,
do not think therefore, I am a loser,
for I stand to meet a brand new day
and let the sunshine wash my face.

Man was meant to live in the light,
and let his spirit shine free,
and though my soul fights fiercely,
I dig my way through heavy clay
that holds me to the dark grey dawn.
I free my heart to go ahead of me
to the light of your countenance;
and tender compassion in your eyes.

With you, my spirit lives in a safe place,
far from the intrigue of worldly care,
and if the day should bring heartache,
I return to the safe well of your love.
For you, O Lord are the only light
that cools the burning in my soul,
you comfort my spirit with your strength,
that's what I've come to know of you.

© Maria Call  - Jan 16, 2012


Rolling clouds and threatening skies
pass by their window
but escape their eyes,
in a world without faith.

Approaching is the hour spoken of,
where four horsemen ride
endowed with his power
to sweep over earth.

Oh! Awaken earthbound souls we cry
for time dulled your senses,
leaving tattered edges and gaping holes
where hearts should beat and live.

Still they slumber and toss in fitful sleep
choosing saccharin over
the deep anguished cries
in a world lost to men.

MG Oct 3, 2012 (100312)
Rev 010813