Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meeting Daylight in the dawn

I can show you my failures, I can,
for they reach to the heavens,
but I cannot show you my triumphs
for they have long since melted
like the snow on top of a mountain
when summer comes to warm
the creatures who run and play
along a cool mountain stream.

How I wish I could drink there
and find refreshment for my soul,
for I burn at the center of my core
for a day by a cool mountain stream.
Yet, even though I'm not a winner,
do not think therefore, I am a loser,
for I stand to meet a brand new day
and let the sunshine wash my face.

Man was meant to live in the light,
and let his spirit shine free,
and though my soul fights fiercely,
I dig my way through heavy clay
that holds me to the dark grey dawn.
I free my heart to go ahead of me
to the light of your countenance;
and tender compassion in your eyes.

With you, my spirit lives in a safe place,
far from the intrigue of worldly care,
and if the day should bring heartache,
I return to the safe well of your love.
For you, O Lord are the only light
that cools the burning in my soul,
you comfort my spirit with your strength,
that's what I've come to know of you.

© Maria Call  - Jan 16, 2012

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